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About Us

SCL Global, in business since 1999, offers a true alternative to today’s standard logistics concept. The freight industry has an immense amount of broker and carrier options all with varying levels of service, reliability and pricing. Our consulting firm has worked to forge relationships with specialty carriers utilized within the industry but kept away, and hard to find to the common shipper. We partner only with the region’s best and most reliable asset-based niche providers. Unlike most that utilize these carriers to increase profits, our first option is to set you up to work directly with the carriers.

Creating Connections

We create winning connections that only make sense and add value.

  • We connect shippers directly to carriers.
  • We help carriers into large volume shippers’ doors.
  • We connect carriers to carriers to help with local P&D or help build broker divisions.
  • We connect 3PL’s to those niche specialty regional carriers that help grow existing business and create new opportunity.

No Cost, Only Value

At no expense to our customers we analyze how transportation is managed within all modes: Air, Ocean, Ground, Rail. We also evaluate your current warehousing structure and provide regional warehousing options as well as pool distribution opportunities. We quickly grasp your supply chain and logistics needs and use that knowledge to yield a comprehensive analysis. SCL makes sure you are optimizing your current vendor relationships. We use our experience and expertise to recommend new concepts and ideas. Last but not least we use our knowledge and
relationships to introduce vendors that fit your specific needs. Consequently, helping create efficiency, solving pain points, finding headhaul/backhaul solutions, creating pool distribution and ultimately delivering savings to the bottom line.